Tiger Oil Painting  By Artist Perry Picasshoe

Origin Of The Tiger Painting


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How The Iconic Tigers came to be.

Tiger Oil Painting

"If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” It may sound cliché, but I truly live by those words.

Mystic Garden Series

This painting was originally part of my "Mystic Garden: Bring Me Flowers While I’m Still Here" series, created during my senior studio class at UCLA. This class was meant to prepare us for life after college by teaching us how to make a portfolio, write a statement piece, and prepare for a solo show. For our final project, we were tasked with creating a solo exhibition, and that's when my "Mystic Garden" series was born.

Inspired by my mom's sweet reminder, "bring me flowers while I’m still here," the series emphasizes appreciating loved ones while you can. I took this expression literally and envisioned an entire garden collection. I imagined what flowers and animals might inhabit this garden, resulting in bunnies, snakes, butterflies, fish, and, of course, tigers.

progress shot of perry painting tigers

Why Tigers?

During this time, I was living in Riverside and commuting four hours one way to UCLA. The long journey meant leaving home at 6:30 am to catch the train, often arriving too early for class. To pass the time, I would stroll down Rodeo Drive, admiring the fashion and art displayed in the windows. That year, the Year of the Tiger, tigers adorned bags, shirts, dresses, and scarves in every store. Their majestic yet adorable presence captivated me, so I decided to include a set of three tigers swimming and diving in my mystic garden lake.

Salvatore Ferragamo bag with Tiger  painting

"I was a fraud of an Artist."

However, the relentless commute and lack of a proper studio space meant I had to complete all 15 pieces of the series within a week. The result? Visually disappointing paintings, though I loved the concepts behind them. The tigers, intended to be the garden's protectors, ended up looking unfinished and unsatisfying.

Determined to succeed, I painted over the first layers of most pieces, especially the tigers. But without a proper workspace, I struggled again. The finals approached, and I still couldn't complete the series to my satisfaction. The tigers looked even worse with their mismatched layers, leaving me feeling like I was a fraud of an Artist.

From The Ashes

For almost a year, the painting remained untouched on my wall, a constant reminder of my perceived failure. Yet, I couldn't ignore its potential. Finally, after graduating, I gained access to a studio space at the Eastside Arthouse in Riverside. To heal my inner self and prove I wasn’t a fraud, I dedicated myself to finishing the pieces before moving on to new project

I worked tirelessly, arriving at the studio at 6 AM and leaving at 8 PM every day, Monday to Friday. Despite the effort, I reached a breaking point midway. Frustrated, I painted half of the lake red, intending to cover it entirely. Surprisingly, the contrast of red brush strokes against the blue lagoon was striking. Encouraged by my boyfriend and best friend, I carefully wiped away some of the red, leaving just enough to create a bold, beautiful effect. This moment taught me to trust my artistic instincts and fully commit to my ideas.

Closing Thoughts

This painting represents my resilience and growth as an artist. It taught me to trust myself and my creative process. Once completed, I transformed it into a blanket, igniting my fascination with tigers.

I am incredibly proud of this painting and its journey. If you'd like to bring a piece of this journey into your home, I have fine art prints, tapestry blankets, and clothing available for purchase. Let this painting inspire you to appreciate the beauty in persistence and the magic of transformation.

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