Perry Picasshoe Artist

Perry Picasshoe is a highly skilled painter and clothing designer based in Southern California. With a diverse range of artistic mediums at his disposal, including painting, photography, cinematography, sculpture, and clothing design.

From a young age, Perry displayed a strong predisposition and ambition for the arts. Determined to make a career in the arts and media, he dedicated himself to honing his skills in painting, modeling, and filming. His hard work paid off when he graduated from UCLA with a degree in Fine Arts. His talent has been recognized by notable brands such as Dickies, Fuji Film, Tik Tok, Amazon, Adobe, and Photoshop.

Perry's art has been showcased at several prestigious events, including a solo show for the Rodeo Collection, the UCLA 2021 Undergraduate Scholarship Show, the UCLA 2021 Undergraduate Juried Show, and a Latinx Cultural Art Event Group Show at UCLA.

His work can be described as Magical Realism, blending Impressionistic Surrealism with Contemporary Expressionism. Through his bold brushstrokes and thought-provoking concepts, he consistently pushes the boundaries of contemporary art, resonating with a modern audience. His work reflects his personal experiences, including his struggles with bipolar disorder and his identity within the LGBTQ and Latinx communities. 

Philosophy of Perry Picasshoe

What's the point of living life at 50% capacity? Half a life gone to waste. Well not here in the house of Picasshoe. Here we celebrate and appreciate life to the full 100%. All article of clothing is meant to be worn until the seems fall apart and stitched back together. 

Each tear and stain is a reminder of the memories and adventures, an ever changing time capsule worn on the body. Life and art should be celebrated in the moment, not when it is gone.

The same can be said with the art and prints. The work is meant to be an expansion of both the artist and the viewer's mind as the viewer engages with the work on a regular basis .

Over time the work will grow roots into the home and thus its meaning and value will complete its purpose and be at 100% capacity.  

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