Sunflower Silk Scarf: A Surreal Homage to Nature, Fashion, and Art


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This is my first time coming back into fashion since I stopped making merch.

For The Love Of Scarves

It is no surprise that I have a deep love and admiration for silk scarves. I saw A$AP Rocky stunt a Gucci silk scarf my freshman year at UCLA and was instantly hooked. At that time I could only afford the ones on Amazon, but I wore the fck out of them. They helped me step into another world of fashion, I felt like I could be anyone when I put that scarf on..... not to mention I would skate a lot so it would help keep me a bit warm (I get cold hella quick)

Breakfast At Tiffany's

The inspiration for this first design is from one of my favorite scarves from Tiffany & Co, a botanical study of sunflowers on a red background. 

tiffany sunflower silk scarf

You see, I want to begin my journey into fashion the proper way. Rather than jumping straight into my own original designs, I think it is more fitting for me to look back at the lineage of designers and reference their work first. Fashion is a dialogue, one between the designer, the wearer, and the lineage of previous designs. I can't know where I am going without looking back. That is why I chose to re-imagine this specific design by Tiffany.

From Oil On Canvas To Silk On Your Head

It began as an oil painting for a group show. While working on it, I explored the boundaries between the natural and the hyper-real, drawing inspiration from Jean Baudrillard....I'll save that for another time.

At first I was going to make a more faithful recreation, in which I would include the stems, heads, and leaves of the sunflowers. However, once I painted all the petals I truly fell in love with its delicate and playful form.

Ironic as it is to say, I wanted to give the petals their flowers. They deserve their moment to shine. I still kept the original sketch lines on the painting, though a bit faint.

The design deconstructs the traditional sunflower, presenting it in a vibrant, almost surreal form against the rich red background. 

Fine Art You Can Wear

Once the painting was made, I searched far and wide to find a manufacturer that was capable of fulfilling my request for high quality silk scarves with a hand rolled hem. It took a bit of trial and error, but I think I found the perfect match. The scarves are a luxurious 18mm silk square, on par with most high end fashion brands. Let me tell you, this one is no joke. It is one of the best scarves I own, and I'm not just saying that because it is mine. 

Perry standing wearing full red custom picasshoe and silk sunflower scarf
closeup Perry standing wearing full red custom picasshoe and silk sunflower scarf

Compared to my scarves from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Dior, and Mugler, this one has a lot more body and structure to it. Thats how I am able to get such beautiful sculptural silhouettes while wearing it. 

perry picasshoe laying down wearing red sunflower silk scarf

And since its 100% silk, it feels so soft and delicate on my skin/hair. I used to wear the "silky" satin scarves thinking it was the same thing but oh no girl its not even close. The ones I used to wear were made of polyester. Little did I know, that meant they weren’t breathable at all, so I was always sweating in them. But not this one.

Join The Cult

This is truly going to become a cult classic and collector's piece. As this is going to be the first silk scarf drop of many, you don't wanna miss out on this initiation. Trust me, this is just the beginning of my journey into fashion. It’s only gonna keep getting better from here. These are going to become legecy pieces, something you will cherish and pass down from generation to generation.

Take home a Picasshoe signature with you today before it's too late!

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